Monday, May 30, 2016

Health Insurance Today: A Practical Approach, 5e 5th Edition

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With an emphasis on preparing and filing claims electronically, Health Insurance Today, 4th Edition features completely updated content on ICD-10 coding, ARRA, HI-TECH, Version 5010, electronic health records, the Health Insurance Reform Act, and more. The friendly writing style and clear learning objectives help you understand and retain important information, with review questions and activities that encourage critical thinking and practical application of key concepts.

Clear, attainable learning objectives help you focus on the most important information.
What Did You Learn? review questions allow you to ensure you understand the material already presented before moving on to the next section.
Direct, conversational writing style makes reading fun and concepts easier to understand.
Imagine This! scenarios help you understand how information in the book applies to real-life situations.
Stop and Think exercises challenge you to use your critical thinking skills to solve a problem or answer a question.
HIPAA Tips emphasize the importance of privacy and following government rules and regulations.
Chapter summaries relate to learning objectives, provide a thorough review of key content, and allow you to quickly find information for further review.
Key coverage of new topics includes medical identity theft and prevention, National Quality Forum (NQF) patient safety measures, ACSX12 Version 5010 HIPAA transaction standards, EMS rule on mandatory electronic claims submission, and standards and implementation specifications for electronic health record technology.
Increased emphasis on producing and submitting claims electronically gives you an edge in today’s competitive job market.
UPDATED! Additional ICD-10 coding content prepares you for the upcoming switch to the new coding system.
NEW! Content on ARRA, HI-TECH, and the Health Insurance Reform Act ensures you are familiar with the latest health care legislation and how it impacts what you do on the job.

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