Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Magnetic Therapy Set, Large/XLarge


Price: $39.95 & FREE Shipping on orders over $49.

About the Product

Convenient, effective magnet therapy on key areas of the body: wrist, elbow, neck, knee, ankle, back and head.

Containing a total of 28 magnets for deep penetrating magnet therapy.

Size Large/XLarge fits waist up to 50"(127 cm)

Product Description

Size: Magnetic Therapy Set L/XL (Fits waist Up to 50")
Full body magnet therapy set available in S/M and L/XL.
Contains: 2 small pads(1 magnet each), 2 large pads(5 magnets each), 1 back wrap(16 magnets), 1 wrap(21" or 53cm), 1 wrap(15.5" or 39 cm), and 1 wrap(10" or 25cm).
Measurements: S/M (Fits Waist Up to 36") and L/XL (Fits waist Up to 50")

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