Monday, May 30, 2016

Understanding Your Health Insurance: Uncover the Basics, Break Through the Confusion of Premium, Deductible, Out-of-Pocket, and Copay Kindle Edition

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Are you always skeptical about health insurance? I won’t blame you because when you don’t use your health insurance yet you keep paying for it every month, it seems like a waste of money. 

Are you worried about the cost the reason why you don’t have or hesitate to have health insurance? What if I tell you, that you don’t have to worry at all! Cost varies differently from $49-500. You can get government aid insurance or faith based insurance which usually provide cheaper rate based on your situation. 

Are you always challenged about the confusing policy? Most of us do because the policy is very long and foreign to our knowledge. This book will simplify it for you! 

Do you know how it all work especially the financial snafu? You probably not, but I will tell you how important it is that you should understand this area as this is the most critical one. We are talking about your money, your financial obligations and how you should handle it so you don't get frustrated. 

Do you get surprising bills in the mail when you expected it's all covered by your health insurance? Surprise, surprise! Many people are always surprise why they received bill statement when it should be covered by their health insurance. 

Do you know what your benefits and coverages are? You’ll be surprise how much benefits having health insurance, but most of the benefits and coverages we don’t know unless we ask or thoroughly search them. This book will tell you exactly what those benefits and coverages are. Once you discover all these, you’ll be thankful you have health insurance and your use to be skeptical mind will find its light! 

Once upon a time, I was all of the above, but not anymore! If you’re experiencing one more issues in the list above, this book is for you! 


In 2016, an estimated 323 million people in United States, at least 44 million are uninsured! Whether you are insured or uninsured or you are EMPLOYEE, EMPLOYER, PROVIDER or HEALTH INSURANCE, this book is for you! This book simplifies the daunting, confusing yet very important issue of health insurance. 

This book will UNCOVER the basics, BREAK through the confusing financial obligations such as PREMIUM, DEDUCTIBLES, OUT-OF-POCKET, COPAY or COINSURANCE. It represents facts based upon real work experiences that I will be sharing with you so you don’t have to go through what I had gone through. Start uncovering your health insurance today and ENJOY the greatness of health benefits and coverage it provides. 

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